Food for Ulcer Sufferers who Must Be Shunned

Heartburn can happen to anyone. One reason is the food we consume. If you suffer from this disease, you should identify food for people with ulcers that need to be reduced or even avoided. Heartburn or dyspepsia can be triggered due to eating too much or too fast, stress, taking certain medications, or suffering from certain diseases. Heartburn can also be associated with a bad and unhealthy lifestyle. For example smoking, eating spicy, oily and fatty foods, and drinking alcoholic, carbonated or carbonated beverages, and caffeinated. Foods to Avoid Ulcer Sufferers As explained earlier, food and drinks can be one of the triggers of heartburn. Below are some types of food for heartburn sufferers that need to be shunned: Sour foods and drinks Some types of food, such as oranges, lemons, limes, tomato sauce, and carbonated / carbonated drinks are acidic, which can cause digestive problems. If you suffer from heartburn, you should avoid these foods and drinks. Spicy food S
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